Reflexology treatments for your mind, body and soul tailored to you

with Marlena Ford at her Sheldon studio

With purposely crafted reflexology treatments to give you the most relief and improvement, you will walk out feeling like you’re floating on air.

I will alleviate your problem areas, and you might be surprised at what else we find.

Reflexology massage treatments

Using this ancient therapy of reflex points, I will encourage your body to heal any imbalances in your mind, body or soul via your feet or hands.

Your body will be recentered and rejuvenated. And you’ll never have felt so relaxed and peaceful.

Particularly if you struggle to switch off, Reflexology will carry you to one of the most relaxing meditative states you can experience.

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Reflexology has many benefits for the mind and body

Some common areas reflexology massage can help with are:






Reduce pain


Enhance relaxation


Improve sleep quality


Foot pain

Particularly plantar fasciitis

Reflexology Lymph Drainage treatments

A beautiful technique that focuses on stimulating the lymphatic reflexes on the feet. Which helps drain and cleanse those lymph nodes ridding you of any congestion and helps reduce those puffy, swollen areas.

Indian Head Massage

Release the tension in your head, neck, and scalp muscles with a divine Indian head massage. Developed from traditional Indian head massage techniques over the years, it’s the ultimate feeling of relaxation, which helps rebalance your mind and body.

Indian Head Massage will alleviate stiffness and soreness in any problem areas. While also increasing blood flow and circulation, leading to better lymphatic drainage.

And if you experience headaches or migraines, clench or grind your teeth or have sinus problems. It’s time for an Indian Head Massage to experience first-hand the mind and body changes that will occur.

Some of the enticing benefits of an Indian Head Massage

Reduce stress

Improves joint mobility and soreness

Boosts your immune system

Reduce hair loss and premature balding

Provide back pain relief

Relieve headaches and migraines

Balancing and releasing

Ease eye strain

Indian Head Massage price

30 minutes $55 

Pregnancy Reflexology

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience, but it can play havoc on your body and create many imbalances as your pregnancy progresses.

Reflexology is a natural way for you and bub to improve your health and well being and rebalance your body in a calm and peaceful environment. And is a perfect treatment while pregnant.

Or do you simply want some TLC before bub arrives? I’m yet to meet a pregnant woman who doesn’t love a foot treatment or two and some pressure point relief.

Either way, you’ll benefit from the wonders of Reflexology.

Some of the common areas of pregnancy Reflexology can help with




Nausea and morning sickness

Or all day sickness




Swollen ankles








Sore and tired feet

And studies even show that pregnant women who have had regular reflexology treatments have shorter labours than those who don’t.

What to expect with our reflexology treatments?

Initial Consultation: allow 1 hour and 15 minutes which includes time to complete a health questionnaire so I can start to get to know your body.

Follow up treatments: allow 1 hour, but I sometimes run over as I go with the flow and treat your body for what I find.

Express reflexology treatment: I offer a 30-minute treatment if you are time-poor. Studies have shown Reflexology can make a difference in just 20 minutes. So, if you’re short on time, don’t let that stop you from improving your health.

Foot reflexology prices

Initial Consultation and treatment 1 hour 15 mins – $85

Subsequent treatments 1 hour – $85

30 minute treatments – $45

Hand reflexology prices

Full treatment 40-50 mins – $55

Add on treatment / Taster treatment 30 mins – $45

Access Bars

This unique and gentle treatment involves working with our bodies’ 32 access points. Through gentle pressure and touch on these access points, I aim to help you become more aware and receptive, enabling you to live a life filled with joy and ease.

During the treatment, you will achieve a deep meditative state unlike any other. This will help you let go of any thoughts, beliefs, emotions, or attitudes you previously considered important, leading you to an effortless and plentiful life filled with happiness.

Some of the enticing benefits of Access Bars

Enhanced calmness

Reduced stress levels

Create a calm state of mind

Enhance the way you view life

Nourish your body

Boost your energy

Increase in creativity output

Access Bars price

60 minutes $85 

Gorgeous Woman Japanese Facial

This facial is a perfect balance of ancient Japanese techniques and modern-day innovation that will leave your skin cleansed, toned and nourished like you wouldn’t believe.

The Gorgeous Woman Japanese Facial is really a one-of-a-kind experience and will leave you feeling like a Goddess.

Using my knowledge of Western medicine and Indian ayurvedic treatments, I’ll give you an all-over rejuvenating treatment that leaves your skin looking young again!

This Japanese reflexology massage sounds divine, doesn’t it?

Well, it gets better.

I use premium 100% natural skincare products. That will nourish your skin and relax your body and soul.

gorgeous woman japanese facial reflexology massage sole searching reflexology near me sheldon

You will enjoy the benefits of a Japanese facial


Minimise fine lines


Produces softer and smoother skin


Holistic anti-aging solution, no facelift surgery here


Brightens your skin


Reduces puffiness


1 hour treatment


What our clients say

My body is no longer swollen and bloated. I have less tension headaches and backaches

I’ve been having weekly reflexology sessions for two months with Marlena, and the difference is amazing.

My body is no longer swollen and bloated. I have less tension headaches and back aches.

It’s such a peaceful, relaxing experience.

Marlena is able to tap into ailments within my body simply through her skilful massaging.

I strongly urge everyone to try this for a few sessions, and you will begin to experience the benefits just as I have.


Highly intuitive and has a gift for healing

I contacted Sole Searching Reflexology whilst on holidays in Brisbane as I felt like my body needed a helping hand in recovering from a challenging childbirth followed by infections.

From the moment I entered the room, Marlena made me feel relaxed and comfortable.

Marlena is dedicated to her practice and has established a beautiful therapy room that calms and soothes when you enter.

During the treatment, I was able to “switch off” and relax whilst Marlena worked on areas of imbalance in my feet.

I knew I was in safe hands, and I was amazed by the feeling of well-being after my treatment.

I really look forward to more treatments with Marlena as she is highly intuitive and has a gift for healing – giving 100% of her care and attention.


Reflexology is the most wonderful, relaxing thing, and Marlena creates the perfect experience

I’ve been having treatments with Marlena during my pregnancy for my nausea.

Marlena is so amazing at what she does. I have just got home from another session, and I’ve never felt so relaxed.

Reflexology is the most wonderful, relaxing thing, and Marlena creates the perfect experience.

Thank you Marlena!


Give your body the professional care that it deserves

With reflexology treatments specifically tailored for your body and problem areas. Book below or reach out if you have any questions.

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